Patient reviews

Our specialists have years and years of great experience which makes it a high quality dental work. Whether it is a root resection, a bone replacement or bone grafting, a sinus lift or sinus closing they lead you through the procedures with excellent care.

“The service was very well organized, the practitioners are competent and the equipment is at the highest level. I recommend this clinic to my relatives.”

Jean-Malik DUMAS

“I received a very satisfacotry care. The staff were very professional, serious, efficient and pleasant.”


“I am very satisfied with all the service, excellent job of great professional. Thanks also to the dentist for his good mood.”


“I am fully satisfied with the care I received, the permanent French-speaking support, the administrative and commercial service. Plus, the whole team is really friendly and attentive. Bravo!”


“I recommend this clinic heartily.  I am very pleased with the treatments, it is well-prepared and I was surrouned by very good specialist! Anyone who wants to make interventions in anesthesia, just come here, will not be disappointed!”


“Dear Doctor Zoltán Szabó! I am grateful to you. I’m happy with my new denture. Thank you for the conscientious, thorough work. I would love to recommend you among friends in my circle. For their work, I wish you a great deal of success and a lot of patients, with love: Gabriella.

Special thanks to the assistants who are also well-trained, tender and kind. Thanks.”


“I’m not afraid of dentistry anymore because I’ve finally found a place where I’m not just a case to be solved, I’m a patient, but I feel that I’m really important here as well. They keep track of me, they always correct and accurately inform me of the consequences of each intervention, they always find the optimum solution-intervention for me and everyone is incredibly kind. Not only the most up-to-date techniques, but also the collection of the most friendly faces, is this clinic, where kindness and fairness never go out of fashion.”

Madár Veronika

“For years I’ve been looking for a dental clinic where they talk to me openly, where I know I’m safe because I am surrounded by professionals who I can trust, where they talk to me and prepare me for everything. Where they tell me that it might take a 1 year to fix my teeth and I will need great self-discipline and attention, but I do not mind, because I believe in them and I will have a confident and healthy smile that is worth every sacrifice and during that year, a kind and determined team will hold my hand and that is what I’ve always wanted. As an extra the clinic environment is so nice, tasteful and calm that whenever I walk in I am so relaxed and ready for another treatment.”

Kovács Patrícia

“After 6 trips to the clinic, 4 implants for 6 crowns, descaling and laying crowns on other teeth, I can only congratulate the team for its professionalism and competence. Free pick up by an airport-hotel taxi return all trips. A free apartment for the first stay, then 40 euros per night for the following. Despite the presence of an interpreter, a little different suite communication problem on my part, do not hesitate to ask for clarification to overcome this kind of misunderstanding.I will have to ask two more implants, I remain faithful to this clinic, I recommend it, the rates are respected, additional discount in case of payment in cash.”

“The care is very good. The dentist and the technicians are very professional.

Irreproachable hygiene. The assistant staff is charming and attentive to our questions.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is the annual control.

Indeed, if you go past the date of a few months, they no longer take care under warranty.”

Marie-Christine Kibler

“Visit of my friend: very friendly and competent. 100% local translator who did not leave my partner’s side. At no time was something accused or charged us. After the treatment, we were still called and asked about the condition. Very good.”

Tanja Dietschweiler

The best Dental Center, where I have ever been. I used to have a lot of problem with my teeth, but know my smile is perfect. The medical staff is so professional, that I highly recommend everyone to choose them. And the top of it the center is beautiful inside and it has a very friendly atmosphere.

Gergely Dr. Szabó

I’m going to the dental surgery for orthodontics, unfortunately I did not have the chance when I was younger.
I was shocked to see the fast and amazing changes within 2 months !
Before I started it, I’ve been scared by others how painful it is. I have to refute it so far (2.5 months passed), I did not have any pain, apart from minor inconveniences (I got used to having a structure in my mouth). I was also a little bit worried at the beginning how I will look like and what will others say about it but that was not a problem either! I chose a white ceramic device, which you cannot even recognise from a distance, just like a jewel that even makes my smile so beautiful!
All this is thanks to Dr. Zoltán Szabó who, with his knowledge and careful treatment, hears me and sets my toothpick every 2 weeks!
Every time I go ahead of time, I do not have to wait, which is important because I am a busy person!
Prices are correct!
I’m perfectly committed to the care, I could not have been in a better place!

Tünde Szépfalviné

I was terribly afraid of dental surgery in my lifetime, thanks to the Apollonia Dental Center for the patient team. They work with incredible depth, competence and precision. Profession, kindness, lightness, elegance.

Thank you Dr. Dorottya Szabó-Páljános

Anna Longa

Rich, beautiful environment, good professionals, pleasant atmosphere.

Orsolya Petőcz


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