Below you can see our affordable prices compared to the average dental prices in abroad or within Hungary.

Using this pricing table, you can calculate how much money you can save on dental treatments. Don’t forget to consider the discounts you will get on our treatments, accommodations and programs as our guest.

Come to Budapest and have your dental treatment for half the the price of what you would pay at your local dentist.

Free Services

Definition Our Price Price Abroad Total Savings
Consultation in Budapest Free 50-75€ 50-75€
Safe Laser treatment Free 25€ 25€
Panoramic x-ray (*30€ which is refunded if you start your treatment within 60 days) *Free 60€ 60€

Dental Implants

Definition Our Price  Price Abroad Total Savings
Alpha Bio Neo implant 585€ 1100€ 515€
Alpha Bio Neo abutment by titanium 176€ 540€ 364€
Alpha Bio implant 562€ 1100€ 538€
Alpha Bio abutment by titanium 152€ 470€ 318€
Straumann implant 1088€ 2600€ 1512€
Straumann abutment by titanium 257€ 950€ 693€


Definition Our Price  Price Abroad Total Savings
Porcelain fused to metal crown (3 years guarantee) 293€ 660€ 367€
Porcelain fused to metal crown on Alpha Bio implant (3 years guarantee) 363€ 820€ 457€
Zirconium full porcelain crown (3 years guarantee) 480€ 1300€ 820€
Zirconium full porcelain crown on implant (3 years guarantee) 491€ 1100€ 609€
Temporary Crown/bridge unit 29€ 98€ 69€
Long-term temporary crown 59€ 190€ 131€
Post and core (metal) 135€ 500€ 365€
Post and core (fiberglass) 129€ 490€ 361€

Cosmetic dentistry

Definition Our Price Price Abroad Total Savings
Press ceramics veneer 527€ 1150€ 623€
Lumineers Veneers (3 years guarantee) 1000€ 1800€ 800€

Oral Surgery

Definition Our Price Price Abroad Total Savings
Sinus lift including 1.5g of Bio-Oss bone graft material 878€ 2100€ 1222€
Sinus closing 164€ 490€ 326€
Bone Augmentation (depends if vertical/horizontal) 936-2106€ 4200€ 2094€

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Come visit our clinic. Apply for a free dental consultation on our webpage or through the phone. Our consultation package includes a free night in a 4 star hotel, free airport transfer, free treatment plan from our specialists and a refundable OPG (x-ray).

Contact us online or request a call back and one of our patient coordinators will be in touch with you within 48hrs. You can also get an online diagnosis, just send us your panoramic x-ray and some pictures of your actual smile and our dentist will provide a first diagnosis. Read more about our procedure below.

We offer you great hotel deals thanks to our partner hotels as well as excellent programs with outstanding discounts. You do not want to miss out on these. Once you register the discounts will be revealed.

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