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Dental Holiday Budapest is located in the heart of the city in Óbuda. The clinic thrives to provide the best and highest quality possible, with state of the art facilities; well equipped, advanced and modern surgeries; relaxation waiting rooms; private x-ray facilities; as well as highly qualified and constantly developing staff.

The clinic opened in 2007 with the aim to provide high standard excellent customer service.

Even though Dental Holiday Budapest offers affordable dental services, it meets or exceeds the standards found anywhere else in the world.

Apart from our 6 world class surgeries we also provide a private x-ray room and a spacious waiting area.

Our surgery has a dental technology laboratory, where our experienced professional dental technicans are able to make all the crowns, bridges, implants etc.

Our offers range from simple dental treatments to more complex surgeries, such as dental implants, oral surgeries, sinus lifting, bone grafting and cosmetic dentistry. For more information please see the Dental Treatments section.

We thrive to find a solution to the most difficult and challenging implant cases, and to provide full dental services.

We use up-to-date equipment and pain-free methods to increase our patients’ satisfaction.

Our professional anesthesiologists offer anesthesia upon request for those who have some  fear of pain/sensation or have had bad experience from previous clinics.

The clinic’s guarantee is one of the best and most reliable guarantees offered by any dental clinic in Budapest.

We do more than 2000 implants yearly. We use only top quality products like Straumann and budget-friendly Alpha Bio implant brands.

Dental Services in Budapest - About Us
Dental Services in Budapest - About Us

Thanks to our quality service, affordable prices and highly experienced staff our dental clinic is one of the best within the market.

For our patients’ convenience we are open weekdays from 8am until 10pm and also weekends from 10am until 4pm (CET).

Dental Holiday Budapest strives to provide the best quality standards with affordable prices and leads you through your dental holiday from the very beginning to your perfect smile.

We hope to see you soon in our clinic. If you have any questions or enquiries do not hesitate to give us a call or email us.

How to approach the clinic

Our dental clinic is located within a historical building on the Buda side (please see pictures on the right). This building is protected because of its special architectural and historic merit. It stands within the old side in Buda with all its ancient and wonderful buildings which still connects us with our history. Once you enter the building, you will find yourself in the 21st century again, in our state of the art dental clinic with all the latest and up-to-date equipment.

There are two entrances into the building, both of which lead you to a patio. You will find our dental clinic on the first floor. Follow the Dental Holiday Budapest signs on the wall which will direct you to the clinic.

The main entrance is from trams 17/19/41, the 2nd entrance is from the other side of the building.


“For years I’ve been looking for a dental clinic where they talk to me openly, where I know I’m safe because I am surrounded by professionals who I can trust, where they talk to me and prepare me for everything. Where they tell me that it might take a 1 year to fix my teeth and I will need great self-discipline and attention, but I do not mind, because I believe in them and I will have a confident and healthy smile that is worth every sacrifice and during that year, a kind and determined team will hold my hand and that is what I’ve always wanted. As an extra the clinic environment is so nice, tasteful and calm that whenever I walk in I am so relaxed and ready for another treatment.”

Kovács Patrícia

“I’m not afraid of dentistry anymore because I’ve finally found a place where I’m not just a case to be solved, I’m a patient, but I feel that I’m really important here as well.

They keep track of me, they always correct and accurately inform me of the consequences of each intervention, they always find the optimum solution-intervention for me and everyone is incredibly kind.

Not only the most up-to-date techniques, but also the collection of the most friendly faces, is this clinic, where kindness and fairness never go out of fashion.”

Madár Veronika

“Dear Doctor Zoltán Szabó! I am grateful to you. I’m happy with my new denture. Thank you for the conscientious, thorough work. I would love to recommend you among friends in my circle. For their work, I wish you a great deal of success and a lot of patients, with love: Gabriella.

Special thanks to the assistants who are also well-trained, tender and kind. Thanks.”


“I recommend this clinic heartily.  I am very pleased with the treatments, it is well-prepared and I was surrouned by very good specialist! Anyone who wants to make interventions in anesthesia, just come here, will not be disappointed!”



Come visit our clinic. Apply for a free dental consultation on our webpage or through the phone. Our consultation package includes a free night in a 4 star hotel, free airport transfer, free treatment plan from our specialists and a refundable OPG (x-ray).

Contact us online or request a call back and one of our patient coordinators will be in touch with you within 48hrs. You can also get an online diagnosis just send us your panoramic x-ray and some pictures of your actual smile and our dentist will provide a first diagnosis. Read more about our procedure below.

We offer you great hotel deals thanks to our partner hotels as well as excellent programs with outstanding discounts. You do not want to miss out on these. Once you register the discounts will be revealed.

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