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With the help of our dentists you can have a perfect denture. We provide a wide range of aesthetic services from porcelain veneers, metal-free porcelain crowns and bridges to teeth whitening, tooth jewels and implants.

Come and ask for a free treatment plan to design you a perfect smile. Aesthetic dentistry is a new approach to dental interventions. Our dentists and our dental technicians work with the highest quality materials to meet the needs of our patients. The purpose of aesthetic dentistry is to restore patients’ smile as well as their self-confidence.

Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown is a cap which is placed over your tooth. There are different crowns offered at our clinic: Porcelain fused to metal crown or gold crown; Zirconium crown and Press ceramic crown.

PFM Crown and Gold Crown

PFM Crown & Gold Crown

Porcelain fused to metal crowns

These crowns are made by porcelain coating. The body of the replacement is a metal alloy. The intended color of porcelain is burned onto this frame. Most dentures are made with this method.


  • The primary benefit of porcelain fused to metal crown is the price, PFM crowns are one of the cheapest types of crowns available today.
  • It is strong enough due to the metal frame, durable and beautiful by the porcelain cover.
  • Another advantage is the quality, you will never encounter problems with regards to the durability. With the right maintenance and care, they can last for many years.
  • They fit better – the metal structure of PFM crowns mean that they fit better than alternatives.


There is one drawback over time and depending on the individual, gums will have a tendency to recede. As there is metal underneath the porcelain, a light grey line can present an undesired aesthetic effect. As the metal substructure is dark, it needs a layer of a very opaque porcelain so its tint does not show through, therefore only a thinner layer of translucent porcelain can be placed, thus reducing the crown’s overall ability to truly mimic the natural look of a tooth.

Gold crowns

The prosthetic frame is made of a special gold alloy. The preparation requires great precision and special attention both from the dentist and the dental technician. The gold which is used is a natural bacteria killer and disinfectant. It does not cause any allergies and it is tissue friendly therefore it can have a very long life with proper oral hygiene. It is usually used when cosmetics are not important. These crowns rarely chip or break, they do not wear down easily and require minimal tooth removal to be applied.


  • Strength: gold crowns are prized for their strengths. They are known as a relatively soft metal but gold crowns are cast using alloys to increase their durability and they are much stronger than an other crowns. They will not crack or wear down quickly.
  • Reactivity: gold is the least reactive metal used for crowns. This is an important consideration for any patients who use dentures, which often contain metal compounds of their own. Having different types of metal in your mouth can cause a very slight electrical charge. You will not feel it but it can create a slightly metallic taste.
  • Malleability: gold is a very malleable material, meaning that it is much easier for a dentist to accurately fit the crown around the tooth. If the fit is not good enough, the crown may become dislodged. Gold also remains strong when cast thin, so more of the healthy tooth structure can be preserved.


  • Aesthetics: the biggest problem with using gold crowns is that they do not exactly blend in with the rest of your teeth. Unless you want an ostentatious smile, it is probably going to be best to avoid having a crown made from metal near the front of your mouth. Even rear teeth can be visible while you talk hence if you are desperate not to show a hint of anything but white, gold might not be the best option.
  • Allergies: it is possible for a patient to be sensitive to a gold crown or to another metal used during the alloying process.
  • Sensitivity: gold conducts temperatures much more readily than other materials used for crowns. This might not be a huge concern for most people, but anyone who already suffers from sensitive teeth might find that the additional sensitivity to hot and cold becomes trying.
Zirconium Crown

Zirconium Crown

Today’s state of the art aesthetic dentistry offers top quality premium dentures. Dentures made in this way do not contain metal, all layers are tooth colored. This is the type of crown which perfectly imitates the layers and natural transparency of our own teeth, so these crowns are perfectly aesthetic yet extremely durable. The ultimate micron precision edge closure can be achieved using today’s most advanced CAD/CAM system. The impression is digitized using a 3 dimensional laser scanning machine and computer controlled machines produce the dentures, without toucing it with human hand, excluding any possibility of error.

The end result is a perfect combination of precision and high level of aesthetics.

Who do we recommend the zirconium crown?
  • Old metal ceramic crown replacement (gray edge, metal strip became visible)
  • Discolored tooth which has had a root canal treatment
  • Lack of teeth ( the most aesthetic crown is the zirconium crown)
  • Gingivitis, elimination of unpleasant breath
  • For implantation
  • Aesthetic, ultra-precise as zirconium crowns are made with the advanced CAD/CAM system
  • Lifelike: a Zirconium crown is virtually indistinguishable from real teeth
  • As zirconia is naturally white, it allows the transformations to any shade which match with the rest of your teeth. Zirconia is translucent, thus it mimics the translucency of your natural teeth. Zirconia has no metal lining at the gums hence it gives you a more confident smile. Zirconia is the strongest crown, it can withstand wear and tear, it does not chip off, unlike porcelain and it bonds well with your natural tooth.
  • Reliable and long-lasting: Over the past 10 years, millions of zirconium crowns and bridges have been made worldwide with patient satisfaction. A series of clinical trials have shown that zirconium crowns are extremely reliable for decades.
  • Biocompatible:  zirconium oxide does not contain any metal, so the risk of allergy is excluded. It also meets the most stringent implantology requirements, making the gums perfectly healthly around the crowns and bridges. The gum remains healthy pink and won’t be inflamed or blink.
  • May wear out the opposing teeth, as zirconia crowns are too tough, they may prove stronger against your natural teeth. A second disadvantage is that, although the crown itself will be almost indestructible; the decay underneath it caused by the abrasion of the hard material against the other teeth is not noticeable. You will only realize that there is decay once the crown falls off.
  • Zirconia crowns may cost you more than other crowns. However, it is almost like a one time investment if you maintain them well.
Press Ceramic Crown

Press Ceramic Crown

Your teeth are basically healthy but not very aesthetic? You do not want a painful and long intervention? Press ceramic crowns give you a solution to these problems. With this quick and effective method, you can regain your perfect smile within a short time. During this process there is no need to remove any layer from your teeth or use anaesthetics, only to have a short and painfree preparation. This press ceramic crown has so many positive qualities that could be very convincing for patients who are afraid of any dental interventions and want to avoid pain; these crowns are suitable for your front teeth.


  • It results in a perfect and aesthetic smile.
  • It is made with minimal preparation and without the need to remove any layer from your teeth.
  • Within a very short time, it produces spectacular results.
  • It is made of solid, quality material so it is a long term durable solution.
  • It is completely metal-free and hypoallergenic as it is made of ceramics.
  • Transparent in its material, providing a translucent glow.
  • Its appearance is lifelike, so it cannot be distinguished from natural teeth.
  • With this sophisticated technology, material selection is of paramount importance. According to international research IPS. E.max is the strongest ceramics available today.


  • It comes with a high price.
  • They are thin, hence they are more suitable for front teeth.
  • Press ceramic is more translucent than zirconia, they look more natural than zirconia, however if your natural tooth is darker, zirconia suits you more.
  • It is suitable for replacing only a single tooth. It may not withstand forces for replacing more than one tooth.
Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap — these two or more anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth — and a false tooth/teeth in between. Dental bridges are supported by natural teeth or implants. In cases when there are no healthy adjacent teeth available to serve as abutments, dental implants are used instead.

A dental bridge is fixed, meaning its abutment crown is cemented on the healthy adjacent teeth or a dental implant. The bridge is made of different materials which include metals – gold, all porcelain, zirconia and porcelain fused to metal crown.


  • It replaces your  missing teeth
  • It restores the function of your teeth like chewing and speaking properly
  • It prevents your remaining teeth from shifting which causes problem with your bite
  • It reduces the risk of bone loss thus maintaining the structures of your face
  • The bridge is permanently fixed thus preventing it from moving like dentures


  • An ill fitting bridge can cause decay of the tooth under the crown
  • There is a reduction of the structures of natural healthy teeth to accommodate the appliance in place
  • The restoration can collapse if the supporting teeth are not strong enough
  • In the long run they eventually need to be replaced



See our affordable prices compared to the average dental prices in the UK.

Using this pricing table, you can calculate how much money you can save on dental treatments.

All aesthetic treatments require a high level of professionalism and dedication from our dentists to ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment.

With our aesthetic treatments we provide long lasting and spectacular results.

Crown is an artificial tooth / a tooth shaped cap which is placed to the already prepared and polished post in order to protect, restore, cover, hold the tooth or just simply to make a cosmetic change. Root canal treatment might be necessary within the preparation process.

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Come visit our clinic. Apply for a free dental consultation on our webpage or through the phone. Our consultation package includes a free night in a 4 star hotel, free airport transfer, free treatment plan from our specialists and a refundable OPG (x-ray).

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We offer you great hotel deals thanks to our partner hotels as well as excellent programs with outstanding discounts. You do not want to miss out on these. Once you register the discounts will be revealed.

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