Safe Laser®

Safe Laser is more advanced than any laser available today. It’s an excellent device for individual users and medical practitioners too. With this uniqe tool you have the opportunity to take it home and use it whenever,wherever you are. Imagine a life, free from pain and discomfort. Imagine healing faster than ever before. The aim is to make this easy-to-use advanced healing device available for everyone who needs it.

Safe Laser in Dental Treatments

“The time has come for doctors to finally place
the cure into patients’ hands.”
(- Dr. Lajos Gaspar -)

Be relieved and Cure with Safe Laser!

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Safe Laser

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Safe Laser product manufacturer, our partner company, puts great emphasis on developments which result in greater opportunities within optics, lasers and light therapies. They work in cooperation with significant medical professionals, universities, hospitals and together they form the most efficient devices.

Safe Laser

Soft Laser has 3 basic healing effects:

  • Release pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  •  Biostimulation – stimulates regenerationLaser light activates specific enzyme processes which start the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).
    ATP is the one and most important form of energy which operates every chemical reaction in every cell in our body. The result of the increased energy production is more efficient metabolism and faster regeneration. Thus it reduces healing time. Soft laser treatment not only moderates disease side effects but in many cases treats the root cause.

Dental and Oral diseases

  • Diseases of skin surface and mucous membrane (e.g. herpes, mouth wounds, ulcers, sores) and gingivitis, periodontitis, gum bleeding can be treated more efficiently with the Safe Laser 150 optional fibre optics.
  • Toothaches, inflammations can be efficiently treated either by enlightening through cheek or with the help of fiber optic.
  • Recovery of soft and bone tissues is accelerated after dental treatments, mouth surgery, implantation.
  • It improves the sticking of the epithelium (osseointegration) around dental implantation by enlightening through cheek.
  • Convalescence is reduced after surgery, stitches can be removed sooner.
  • Lock-jaw (trismus) – Lasting contraction of jaw muscles may evolve as a result of several causes e.g. inflammation of the wisdom-tooth. Several minutes of Safe Laser® 500 Infra treatment on the jaw joint loosens the muscle, the lock-jaw resolves in few minutes, inflammation will be reduced.
Safe Laser

Duration of treatments (in one spot!)

See Safe Laser treatment protocol >>

Dental – Safe Laser treatment protocol

Professional experiences…

It improves the sticking of the epithelium (osseointegration) around dental implantation by enlightening through cheek.

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