Surgical Procedures

Our specialists have years of experience which allows them to provide high quality dental work. Whether it is a root resection, a bone replacement or bone grafting, a sinus lift or sinus closing they lead you through the procedures with excellent care.

SInus lift

In our clinic, we offer a variety of surgeries. A very common surgery includes sinus lift which is a routine procedure. It is performed when there is not enough bone in the upper jaw to allow room for dental implants.

Usually one in five people need a sinus lift. During this procedure, new bone is added between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses which are the cavities on either side of your nose.



Extraction means we remove a tooth from the mouth. Before extraction an x-ray needs to be done.

The most common reasons for extractions are:

  • tooth decay
  • fractured tooth
  • loose tooth

Although Extraction does not belong to surgical procedures and it is carried out with local anesthesia, sometimes dentists need to complete surgical extractions if a tooth is growing in a bad position, if there is a severe inflammation, or if the patient is suffering from periodontitis.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease

One type of treatment involves the closed curettage, when teeth are cleaned with the use of ultrasonic scaler and the currets are being cleansed from the tartar and so called granulation, which emerged due to the inflammation. The aim of the treatment is to get rid of the inflammation, reduce the gum oedema, and thus, expose – to a slight degree – the tooth roots. In cases where very deep periodontal pockets are present, so called open curettage procedure needs to be performed. It is a surgical procedure, carried out with local anesthesia. During the procedure the gum is cut, the periodontal pocket is opened, and then the pocket is being cleaned, under the doctor’s control.

Depending on the degree of damage of the bone that surrounds the teeth, the procedure may also involve application of an osteogenic biomaterial into the created empty space. This substance supports the process of bone reconstruction. Next, stitches are inserted.

Root Resection

Root resection

Periapical inflammation is an acute or chronic inflammation lesion around the apex of a tooth root, which is caused by bacterial invasion of the pulp of the tooth. Surgery lasts approximately 15-30 minutes depending on the tooth, but some additional time will be spent for preparation of surgery and postsurgical information.

The inflamed part of root and the infection in the bone is removed, and the root apices are sealed with cement. Today in Dentistry, there are effective techniques that can prevent or greatly reduce the bone and soft tissue loss that always occurs with tooth extraction or simple tooth loss.

Sinus lift & Bone augmentation

Sinus Lift

It is a very common surgery, which became a routine operation lately. It is normally carried out when either there is not enough bone in the upper jaw or when the sinuses are too close to the jaw to put dental implants.

Bio-oss, a bone substitute material which is of bovin origin is added between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses. In order to do this the sinus membrane is moved higher. The Dentist then injects the Bio-oss and waits for the osseointegration.

Bone Augmentation

This procedure can be performed by your certified dentist in the office. It involves choosing the bone grafting material. It could be autograft, in that case the bone is taken from the patient who is having the procedure, usually from the jaw or the hip bone. We do not do hip bone surgeries in our dental clinic but we have connections with a hospital in Szeged where this kind of surgery is done. If this occurs patient has to come to Hungary a week in advance for further examinations.

Another option they can choose is allograft material, which is harvested bone from another human. In this case the harvested bone is disinfected carefully and processed to ensure no bacteria or disease are passed on to the person receiving the bone graft.

Another option is Xenograft which is taken from animals, usually cows.

The process begins with numbing the area with local anesthetic and an incision is made in the gum to expose the bone. The surgeon then attaches the bone grafting material to the exposed bone in the mouth. The graft aids the body in preserving existing bone and making new bone (osseointegration).

Dental cyst

Dental cyst

A dental cyst is a sac of tissue in your gums that has some kind of foreign body stuck inside it. It is a form of inflammation that develops after the dental pulp dies off. It grows as the old pulp material starts to wear out.

As the cyst develops, the bone structure around the tooth will feel an extreme amount of pressure. It could eat away from the bone and weaken it. This requires a proper treatment as soon as possible.



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Oral surgery treats diseases or mutations within the teeth, jaw, gum and other soft parts in the mouth. Decayed or broken teeth, cysts can cause nucleation in the body which can result in several diseases. Our dentistry has sterile surgeries where we use local anaesthetics or if requested, anesthesia to make sure our procedures are painless.

After any surgical procedures we can offer Safe Laser therapy which speeds up the healing time within months. Our new machine can be used in surgery and everyday dentistry too. It can decrease the chance of any after surgery complications and speeds up regeneration. With this treatment we can stimulate ossification, strengthen bone tissue or treat gum inflammation.

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We care about our patients

The clinic’s leading surgeon is a remarkably skilled and knowledgeable dentist. He chose the dental path at the age of 6 thanks to one of his broken teeth. Back then he decided he would help all the children who had the same condition as he did. He has been in the field for 27 years, his field of expertise became oral surgery. Because of the complete regeneration structure of the deficient bone loss states, he sees the greatest healing possibilities within this area. In 2015 he received the Master of Implantology at the University of Münster (Germany) and since then he has been dealing with implantology and bone transplantation.

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Our dental laboratory has exceptionally talented and experienced technicians.

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Having worked together for 12 years, our team is highly experienced and their quality of work is top notch.

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We use the most up to date technologies and we strive to provide top quality service and treatment.


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