X-ray, CT scanning

For any type of dental treatment whether it is an oral surgery, aesthetic dentistry or implantology, in order to have the most accurate information dentists need to obtain an x-ray or sometimes, depending on the severity, a 3D scan too.

Panoramic x-ray

Panoramic x-ray

With this device, you can get an instant overview of the upper and lower jaws which can help determine the right diagnosis in general dentistry, oral surgery and orthodontics.

It is an essential tool for more complex interventions, such as tooth implantation, other oral surgery, orthodontics and nucleation. It cannot be replaced with a small dental x-ray which only takes an image of 1-2 teeth.

Recording takes place in a separate x-ray room and the digital x-ray image can be sent to the monitor next to the dental chair. It can be sent to the patient via email as well if requested.



In addition to our panoramic x-ray our brand-new 3D CT machine helps in deeper nucleus research as well as other dental or oral surgery and orthodontic diagnostics. The three-dimensional image of the jaws improves the design of the treatments as it can measure not only the size and spatial location of the teeth, but also the nerve pathways and the hardness of the bone. Removal of the teeth or wisdom teeth that cause inflammation under the gums could be done as a routine surgery if a CT scan is done.

When implanting the dental surgeon is able to determine the best location, size and direction of the implant, which is essential for a permanent and risk-free prosthesis.

The 3D CT recording, if requested can be taken home on a CD.

Intraoral x-ray

Intraoral x-ray

Since all of our surgeries are equipped with this device, the x-ray can be taken while seated comfortably in the dental chair. The device does not have any scattered radiation, so the necessary test can be inserted at any time during the treatment. It produces high quality images in shades and contrast.

Small x-ray

Small x-ray

With the help of this machine, digital recordings within 1-2 minutes can be viewed by the patients while sitting in the dental chair. The recordings can be zoomed, rotated and the contrast can be adjusted to any degree, making it easier, faster and more accurate to determine a diagnosis.



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