Our clinic pays particular attention to the follow-up of its patients following dental care. The clinic offers a guarantee for each intervention. During this period, regular checks will be necessary.


Guarantee conditions

  • The patient must participate in an annual check and follow the care program recommended by the dentist or dental hygienist.
  • The patient should wear the night gutter recommended by the dentist, and bring it to its annual check.
  • The patient must follow the rules of daily oral hygiene, and make sure to clean the prosthesis carefully.
  • All invoices have been paid.
  • The prosthesis is subjected to a normal masticatory force.
  • The patient respects the conditions of use of the prosthesis.
  • Teeth and gums should be treated regularly to prevent infections.
  • Implant – prosthetic work must be done at the our Clinic.
  • The patient must participate in an annual dental check at the Clinic.

Duration of guarantees

Implant SGS – Lifetime warranty by the manufacturer against defects in workmanship or raw material, and 10 years warranty reimplantation.

  • Alpha Bio – 10 years
  • PFM crown – 3 years
  • Zirconia crown – 3 years
  • Porcelain crown on gold – 3 years
  • Acrylic denture – 2 years
  • Denture with metal plate – 2 years
  • Partial denture with discreet attachment – 2 years
  • Porcelain Inlay – 2 years
  • Porcelain onlay – 2 years
  • Porcelain veneer – 1 year
  • Aesthetic dental filling – 1 year
  • Root filling and devitalization – 6 months

Additional information

The Clinic does not guarantee crowns, braces and temporary prostheses. The clinic cannot be held responsible for the need for devitalization during dental treatment.

The guarantee is no longer ensured if:

The patient does not participate in the annual check.

The patient is not following the recommendations of the dentist,has relined the denture, is not wearing the gutter at night, or is not complying with the recommendations regarding the use of the prosthesis.

The patient has an illness that affects dental health (diabetes, epilepsy, mental illness, osteoporosis, chemotherapy).

The patient has had significant weight gain or loss.

The oral hygiene of the patient is not satisfactory.

The prosthesis has been shocked or damaged by a chemical.

The patient does not inform the clinic within two days of the onset of the problem.

Every dental surgery performed under warranty is FREE!

Travel and living expenses, as well as any additional care, remain the responsibility of the patient. 


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