Dental Implants

It’s not about implanting a tooth, it’s about laying an artificial root. Nowadays, there are more than one hundred types of artificial roots used. In all cases, before the intervention, we evaluate the patients’ state of health, we record their anatomical characteristics, and the detailed information is recorded on a data sheet.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to support one or more false teeth. We provide quality and affordable implant brands and use the best biocompatible materials such as: Alpha Bio; Alpha Bio Neo; Straumann. Additionally, we offer world class clinic, surgery and equipment with our professional dentists. Advantages include stability and better chewing capability as well as offering an exceptional aesthetic effect.

Stability & Capacity

Stability & Capacity

The loss of a tooth is always a serious trauma. For some, bridges and removable dentures can be uncomfortable and aesthetically unattractive. Implantation provides much better stability and better chewing capacity. In addition to the perfect sense of stability, the other advantage of dental implants is exceptional aesthetic effect. Dental implants, therefore, serves to improve the quality of life of patients.

For the placement of a dental implant, proper oral hygiene is essential. The area of operation should always be free of any inflammation; therefore, the following potential problems must be addressed before the intervention:

  • periodontal diseases
  • dental calculus
  • caries
  • infections

In order to ensure a quick recovery, the attending dentist also collects information about the patient’s eating habits, as well as about possible smoking.



Dental ImplantsA dental implant is used to support one or more false teeth. It is a titanium screw that can replace the root of a tooth when it fails. Just like a tooth root, it is placed into the jawbone.

The dental implant may be partial or complete, (i.e. the number and location of dental roots installed) it depends on the number of teeth. For example, to make a complete denture, it is necessary to install 8 to 10 artificial roots at the top and 6 to 8 at the bottom, to which the specially designed denture will be attached 3-4 months after the implantation.

In which cases are dental implants advised?

  • In the case of the absence of one or two teeth (the neighboring teeth must not be broken)
  • in the case of the absence of molars
  • if all the teeth are missing

Dental implants are suitable for replacing developed teeth, whether it is the absence of a single tooth or all the teeth.

Experience shows that titanium dental implants greatly reduce bone loss in the jaw, therefore it is advisable to perform the procedure as soon as possible after the loss of teeth. Dental implants can be used for restoring lost or broken teeth in an accident.


  • Stability: There is a foundation which makes natural teeth fully stable. There is also a vital component beneath the gums. When roots are replaced with dental implants, the overlying restoration gains the stability necessary for all oral functions.
  • Longevity: There are various benefits to dental implant treatment and they all last as long as implants remain stable in the jawbone. With good oral care, implants can remain structurally sound for life, enabling the patient to feel ultimately confident and comfortable.
  • Structure: The natural structure has integrity that supports not only stable chewing and speech, but also face shape. Without roots beneath the teeth, there is no transfer of force, or stimulation, to promote bone growth. Eventually, bone loss can cause facial collapse and an aged appearance.


  • Cost: Dental implants require a higher up front cost than a bridge or dentures. However the longevity of results makes this approach more cost-effective.
  • Minor oral surgery: To replace missing teeth with implants and restorations such as crowns, bridge or dentures, it is necessary to undergo a minor oral surgery. In our clinic, we offer local anesthesia or anesthesia to create a highly comfortable procedure.


Dental ImplantsThe operation is performed under local anesthesia, but if necessary, it can also be performed under general anesthesia.

The procedure is painless, the placement of dental implants does not represent a greater burden for the body than a simple extraction.

After implanting dental implants, swelling and pain may occur, they must be treated with medication and the use of a cold compress is recommended.

What are the factors that determine successful implantation, can the implant be rejected?

It is impossible to ensure long-term success without the rules of oral hygiene being scrupulously respected.

It is true that a dental implant is much more strongly related to the bone than a natural tooth, but its relationship with the gum is much weaker.

For this reason, poor oral and dental hygiene can have a much more harmful effect on implanted teeth than around natural teeth.

If the precautions listed are followed, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Cases when not recommended

Cases when not recommended

In which cases are dental implants not recommended?

It is not possible to place dental implants before the patient reaches adulthood (since the jaws are still under development), as well as in the case of certain disease or serious hematological diseases

  • severe strokes of coagulation
  • severe diabetes, accompanied by microcirculatory disorders
  • cancer
  • smoking
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • substance addiction
  • in children, before the end of jaw development (about 14 years)

We care about our patients

At our clinic, we care about our patients and their well-being and it is crucial to us to make sure our implants are safe,that they provide immaculate appearance and the feeling of having natural teeth, as well as being affordable for our patients.

Dental Implants are placed directly into the jawbone to then bond with your natural bone. They will be a strong base for supporting artificial teeth, the so called crowns.

They also include a connector, called an abutment which is placed on top of the dental implant to hold and support your crowns to match your natural teeth.

Dental Implants

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Dental Implant brands

Alpha Bio

Alpha Bio

It has been present on the implantology market for over 20 years. During this time, it has launched a series of innovations. In 2008 the company was acquired by Biocare, the world’s leading dental implant manufacturer. Alpha Bio implants are naturally incorporated into the bone, have a short healing time, are fast and easy to insert and have a long-term durability. This type of implant provides high stability, at high quality, and cost effective.



Straumann is the leading dental implant company that has earned worldwide trust. There are many types of implants offered by various companies but Straumann components are manufactured under consideration of internationally recognized quality standards, with high precision and documented clinical research.

Smart Guide

New Technology: Smart Guide

Dental Services in HungaryComputer surgical planning and navigated implantation, precise and safe  handling with as little discomfort as possible.

The secret of successful implantation

Professionals clearly state that the position of the implant is one of the most important factors in the success of implantation. The positioning of the implant is a delicate operation that the surgeon has the greatest impact on. During the intervention, it is crucial to place the implant in an aesthetically and anatomically correct position so that healing of the bone can take place.

How is this done?

This is the most advanced solution for replacing missing teeth. Most implantation interventions have been performed in a conventional manner, by x-ray and freehand. Freehand implantation rarely reaches the desired accuracy despite the outstanding expertise of the dentist, and might include higher risks.

Smart Guide is a digital technology with revolutionary novelties that allows the surgeon to plan and position perfectly. The surgeon plans the intervention within calm conditions on a computer on a 3 dimensional patient record.

Navigated implantation

Based on an aesthetic and anatomically optimal design, the patient’s unique surgical aid ensures that the implant is in the perfect position.

Benefits of Smart Guide Technology:

Most advanced diagnostics. The highest quality 3 dimensional diagnostics precedes the treatment.

Minimizing risks

Precisely planned and executed  design avoids unwanted risks and complications of conventional implantation.

Shorter surgical time

Thanks to the most advanced preparations and the unique surgical aid, the time of the intervention can be reduced to its fraction.

Less discomfort and pain

In contrast to conventional, freehand implantation, it gives you the option of having minimal wound treatment.  As a result there is a significant reduction in pain as well as there is often no need for sutures.

Avoidable additional interventions

Due to the maximum use of existing anatomical conditions, expensive and unpleasant additional surgeries can be avoided in many cases.

All in all, the Smart Guide technology makes the implantation accurate, predictable and safe, and minimizes the inconvenience of interference.



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Using this pricing table, you can calculate how much money you can save on dental treatments.



“For years I’ve been looking for a dental clinic where they talk to me openly, where I know I’m safe because I am surrounded by professionals who I can trust, where they talk to me and prepare me for everything. Where they tell me that it might take a 1 year to fix my teeth and I will need great self-discipline and attention, but I do not mind, because I believe in them and I will have a confident and healthy smile that is worth every sacrifice and during that year, a kind and determined team will hold my hand and that is what I’ve always wanted. As an extra the clinic environment is so nice, tasteful and calm that whenever I walk in I am so relaxed and ready for another treatment.”

Kovács Patrícia

“I’m not afraid of dentistry anymore because I’ve finally found a place where I’m not just a case to be solved, I’m a patient, but I feel that I’m really important here as well.

They keep track of me, they always correct and accurately inform me of the consequences of each intervention, they always find the optimum solution-intervention for me and everyone is incredibly kind.

Not only the most up-to-date techniques, but also the collection of the most friendly faces, is this clinic, where kindness and fairness never go out of fashion.”

Madár Veronika

“Dear Doctor Zoltán Szabó! I am grateful to you. I’m happy with my new denture. Thank you for the conscientious, thorough work. I would love to recommend you among friends in my circle. For their work, I wish you a great deal of success and a lot of patients, with love: Gabriella.

Special thanks to the assistants who are also well-trained, tender and kind. Thanks.”


“I recommend this clinic heartily.  I am very pleased with the treatments, it is well-prepared and I was surrouned by very good specialist! Anyone who wants to make interventions in anesthesia, just come here, will not be disappointed!”


Why choose us?

We care about our patients

The clinic's leading surgeon is a remarkably skilled and knowledgeable dentist. He chose the dental path at the age of 6 thanks to one of his broken teeth. Back then he decided he would help all the children who had the same condition as he did. He has been in the field for 27 years, his field of expertise became oral surgery. Because of the complete regeneration structure of the deficient bone loss states, he sees the greatest healing possibilities within this area. In 2015 he received the Master of Implantology at the University of Münster (Germany) and since then he has been dealing with implantology and bone transplantation.

Talented technicians

Our dental laboratory has exceptionally talented and experienced technicians.

Experienced team

Having work together for 12 years, our team is highly experienced and their quality of work is at the top notch.

Up to date technologies

We use the most up to date technologies and we strive to provide top quality service and treatment.


On top of these, we also provide discounted transfer, discounted accommodation and tourist programmes.


Come visit our clinic. Apply for a free dental consultation on our webpage or through the phone. Our consultation package includes a free night in a 4 star hotel, free airport transfer, free treatment plan from our specialists and a refundable OPG (x-ray).

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We offer you great hotel deals thanks to our partner hotels as well as excellent programs with outstanding discounts. You do not want to miss out on these. Once you register the discounts will be revealed.

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