Aesthetic Dentistry

Smile without a care in the world. Together with our dental specialists we can create your perfect smile with top quality lifelike results. We welcome our patients with a wide range of services within Aesthetic dentistry.

Our specialists cover the following aesthetic treatments: teeth whitening, veneers, different types of crowns, orthodontics and tooth jewels.

It involves any kind of dental work which enhances the presence of teeth and gums without touching their functionality.

Teeth whitening

Home dental whitening

The advantage of home dental whitening is that you can comfortably achieve it, depending on your schedule, without adapting to other constraints. You must pay attention to the following points. In the case of home-based tooth whitening, only use quality, controlled tooth whitening products that do not damage the enamel of your teeth. The products and the process that we offer for home dental whitening are completely secure, the treatment makes it possible to lighten teeth from 2 to 3 shades.

In office dental whitening

Compared to home-based treatment, the advantage of dental bleaching in the office is that the color of teeth can be thinned from 7 to 8 shades. The use of concentrated products requires professional knowledge and monitoring. The dental whitening performed in the office is also suitable for the lightening of devitalized teeth.

When dental whitening is performed in the treatment room, more concentrated products are used, so it is essential that the procedure be carried out under the supervision of a dentist. The treatment produces a lighter color of 7 to 8 shades. In all cases, tooth whitening is preceded by cleaning the tooth surface (polishing, thorough cleaning), descaling and checking existing fillings and prostheses. The treatment requires about 1 hour.

Dental bleaching process

The advantage of tooth whitening performed in the dental office is that it is the only intervention required to achieve the desired result. The patient must remain in the dentist’s chair for a maximum of 3 x 15 minutes until teeth are sufficiently white. Plasma lamp tooth whitening is completely secure and pain free.

After the preparation of the mouth, the dentist puts the whitening product on the teeth and lights them with a specific plasma lamp for 15 minutes, then renews this operation 2 to 3 times. The result is immediately visible.

Advantages of teeth whitening performed in the dental office:

  • the treatment takes place under the control of a dentist
  • the result is immediately visible to the naked eye (teeth can be thinned up to 10 shades)
  • the effect is lasting
  • treatment can be applied to both live and devitalized teeth
  • easy application of the correct dosage by the dentist

Disadvantages of dental whitening performed in the office:

  • the place of treatment is fixed: the patient must be present in the dental office
  • the treatment is more expensive

When do we advise against tooth whitening?

In some cases, dental bleaching can not be achieved, including:

  • during the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • in patients with dental appliances
  • in case of teeth requiring a filling
  • in case of allergic reaction against any material used in tooth whitening

The patient’s eating habits and oral hygiene or possible addiction to tobacco greatly determine the durability of tooth whitening. The consumption of foods and beverages with a high rate of dyes (coffee, tea, cocoa), hastens the deterioration of the effects of tooth whitening.



Dental veneers are usually placed in the front region of a healthy mouth. Veneer is a thin layer of tooth placed over the polished surface of the front of the tooth in order to repair any discolouration, cracks, spacing, worn enamel and uneven tooth alignment. We work with 2 materials, either zircon ceramics or pressing ceramics.

This treatment  protects the surface of the tooth and preserves it from further damage. Veneers hide small imperfections (color, shape of teeth, wear) and thus offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

There are 2 types of veneers:

The direct veneers are prepared by the dentist in the treatment room from specific materials provided for this purpose. These materials are placed on the surface of the tooth by applying the lamination process. It is not uncommon for a direct veneer restoration to be performed using 8 to 10 different shades. We can therefore say that the creation of the veneer is a real artistic work. These types of veneers are placed directly and can be used immediately, without the intervention of the dental laboratory. The expected aesthetic result is visible right away. Their application makes it possible to sacrifice as little dental material as possible (a smaller quantity than in the case of indirect veneers). They are less fragile than the indirect veneers.

Indirect ceramic veneers are manufactured in dental laboratories. During their preparation, a layer of 0.5 to 1 mm is removed from the tooth, the loss of the dental material is minimal in this case as well. The veneer is then made in the dental laboratory on the basis of an impression. It is sealed on the surface of the tooth using a specific adhesive, developed for this purpose.

How long do they last?

Just like with every other post-treatment this one will require excellent dental hygiene to extend its lifetime.

Application areas:

  • irregularities of the enamel, caries and discolorations
  • cracks in the incisors
  • correction of the color of discolored or devitalized teeth
  • reducing or eliminating gaps between teeth

Some cases when veneers are not recommended:

  • very damaged frontal teeth
  • insufficient oral hygiene
  • significant abnormalities in tooth alignment
  • very strong occlusion and grinding of teeth during the night


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