Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry is the most important field within dentistry. It includes treatments which maintain tooth health such as: plaque scaling; fillings; inlay, onlay; root canal treatment and other conservative dentistry treatments.

Plaque scaling

Plaque scaling

Scaling is one of the most important dental procedures. Tartar develops from the plaque accumulated on our teeth in places that are difficult to access during brushing or where the natural cleaning mechanisms of the oral cavity (tongue and face movements) cannot act. Tartar is plaque that can no longer be removed with a toothbrush or other oral hygiene tools for home use. With tartar buildup, inflammation is constantly maintained along the gums and periodontium.

If plaque is not removed regularly by brushing teeth after each meal or repeated several times during the day, inflammation may occur. In case of inflammation, the gums bleed regularly during the brushing of the teeth, they become painful and red. Pockets form next to the teeth, then the inflammation spreads to the deeper tissue of the periodontium and can attack the bone. Teeth can become mobile and can even fall out.

Good oral hygiene and healthy gums, without inflammation, are prerequisites for a perfect denture. Before starting dental treatments, thorough cleaning is necessary, including polishing of the tooth surface and removal of the plaque and calculus under the gums. After polishing, the surface of the teeth becomes much clearer, and your smile will be brighter.

Dental decalcification

The removal of dental calculus is an essential treatment to prevent gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and the development of periodontal diseases. When descaling, plaque, tartar and other impurities are removed completely. This treatment is performed using an ultrasonic scaler.

Process of treatment:

  • the gums are anesthetized with a spray containing lidocaine
  • the device removes unwanted impurities from the teeth through vibrations
  • plaque and tartar accumulated under the gums are removed using a manual device
  • after descaling, the teeth are polished because the smooth surface prevents the accumulation of plaque

The tartar accumulated on and / or under the gums cannot be removed at home, it is necessary to use a high frequency device, for professional use (ultrasonic scaler). The treatment is painless.

Scaling is often supplemented by intra-oral sand blasting that removes the smallest impurities hidden in the most inaccessible corners. Our patients are counseled on oral hygiene and we help them to become familiar with professional oral care.



In our clinic we only use aesthetic fillings which means that the placed filling totally matches the colour of the teeth so it is practically unnoticeable.

Replacing amalgam fillings

  • with tooth coloured filling in case of small decay
  • with inlay/onlay in case of moderate decay

It is an easy process. The dentist drills and removes the old filling and renews it with a white one. If the decay is too big in the tooth then the dentist will use a dental inlay/onlay. They are durable and tough, made from hard-wearing materials which can last for decades. The process involves the removal of the old filling under local anesthesia. The dentist then takes an impression of the tooth which is sent to the dental laboratory. The material could be gradia, zirconic or 100% ceramics.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

Endodontists work within conservative dentistry and are specialised dentists who treat and maintain teeth which are already necrotic or at risk of becoming so. They study root canal procedures and techniques. Root canal treatment is just as important as filling and with its help we are able to maintain teeth for a longer period of time.

The treatment begins with a complete cleaning of the injured areas of the tooth and is usually carried out under local anaesthetic. The Endodontist then pulls out the infected tissue in the dental pulp and any nerve tissue of the root. He then clears the site in preparation for the root canal filling. As soon as the tooth is correctly prepared he fills the root canal and seals the opening with a primary temporary filling.

Microscopic root canal treatment

When you need it:

Replacing old root canal

Root lesion

Greater cavity in  the tooth

Dead tooth

A larger piece broken from tooth

The purpose of microscopic root canal treatment is to keep the tooth for a long term period.

With this procedure, teeth can be preserved for a lifetime. Microscopic root canal treatments are among the most accurate interventions.

With the microscopic root canal treatment we can create a very accurate diagnosis and easily map, clean, disinfect and cover up all those root canals which can be hardly seen to the naked eye.

The microscopic treatment can also be used to remove old root canals. The tooth loss is minimal.

Root canal treatment is not a painful intervention, but for the first time we will definitely give you anaesthetic to avoid any inconvenience.

Because microscopic root canal treatment is one of the most accurate treatments, it is also time consuming. A treatment lasts about 1-2 hours, depending on the number of root canals. The total treatment is 1-3 occasions.  In our dental surgery, microscopic dental treatment is done with Labomed Prima Mu dental microscope.

The process of the treatment:

  • x-ray or a 3D CT if needed
  • anesthesia
  • applying Kofferdam rubber pad to isolate the tooth which will be treated
  • explore the root canal with a microscope, then clean it with special disinfectants
  • opening the dental pulp or removing old filling under microscopic magnification and drug closure if needed
  • electrical measurement
  • root canal treatment



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