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We offer you a free dental consultation which includes a free night in a 4 star hotel, free airport transfer, free treatment plan from our specialists and a refundable OPG (x-ray). Click below to find out more about our procedure.

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We provide excellent dental treatments, affordable but high quality products and brands, experienced and professional staff and we are open on weekdays and weekends too. Our dental clinic is one of the best within the market. Click below to read more about our knowledge and extra services.

Dental Services in Hungary


Hungary develops world-class expertise with its innovations in the dental world. State of the art dental facilities, well equipped, advanced and modern surgeries, constantly arising medical devices. Quality: a significant reason is the high quality of dental training. Apart from hungarian students more and more foreign students choose Hungary to obtain their diploma in dentistry.

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High quality in theoritical and practical training is emphasised in student evaluations. Professors are active dentists thus the applicability of the acquired knowledge is high. The quality of materials used in dental practices is high – european level – quality. In terms of quality garantee is provided. The majority of dental offices ensure quality by ISO and other European, American Quality Assurance Certificates. Previous treatment experiences are positive, patient satisfaction level is high. Dentists put great emphasis on patient safety thus they only use up to date and professional appliances. More and more patients choose Hungary and more and more patients state that they would return for another treatment in the future. Budapest has become the second biggest supplier in dental tourism.


Come visit our clinic and apply for a free dental consultation on our webpage or through the phone. Our consultation package includes a free night in a 4 star hotel, free airport transfer, free treatment plan from our specialists and a refundable OPG (x-ray).

Contact us online or request a call back and one of our patient coordinators will be in touch with you within 48hrs. You can also get an online diagnosis, just send us your panoramic x-ray and some pictures of your actual smile and our dentist will provide a first diagnosis. Read more about our procedure below.


It is well known that Hungary has become a main tourism destination. The American website ’World Chacha’ has chosen Budapest the second most beautiful city in the world.

Besides its charm and attractiveness, Hungary has also developed to a top level in dental care and has become a remarkable dental tourism location for foreign patients.

There are many reasons why Hungary could gain the leading position in dental tourism.

Dental Tour in Hungary


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The service was very well organized, the practitioners are competent and the equipment is at the highest level. I recommend this clinic to my relatives.

Jean-Malik Dumas

I received a very satisfactory care. The staff were very professional, serious, efficient and pleasant.

Josette Lunel-Trosset

I am very satisfied with all the service, excellent job of great professional. Thanks also to the dentist for his good mood.

David Magloire La Greve

Rich, beautiful environment, good professionals, pleasant atmosphere.

Orsolya Petőcz
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